Starting a Personal Retreat

I am starting my personal retreat! It’s actually my second retreat. The last one was about a year ago, and I learned so much. Using some of the items from the last one is a great springboard for the one upcoming.

In the book I wrote, I talk about preparation for your retreat. That preparation is key to the success of your efforts. This begins some of the retreat steps I take.

Today’s step is to do some meditation practice.

Now you might ask “How┬áin the heck is that going to help me prepare for a retreat?”

Well that’s a good question and I’ll tell you. Life is full of distractions. In the time I took me to write the last 5 sentences, I read some new email, updated a marketing document, and checked on a client’s computer.

Now imagine if you’re trying to focus on what’s happened in your life over the last year, how you feel about the place you are in life, and what you feel like your purpose is with all those distractions going on!

So I’m going to spend about 10 minutes just trying to relax and use some meditation techniques from my book.

Begin your meditation by taking 3-4 deep, slow breaths in and out. Then simply continue breathing in and out, and focus on the sensations.

Maybe count to three as you inhale, then count to three as you exhale so that they are the same. Focus on this measured breathing and the sensations of it as the air enters your body and how your body moves with this breathing.

If a thought enters your mind, simply acknowledge it, then move on to the focus on your breathing again.

Now that I’ve done some meditation practice I can move on to reviewing the notes of my last retreat and come up with some new questions to ask myself.

Next week I’ll share some of those and what my next steps are in preparation for my June retreat!

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