What Changes Can You Make?

The Goal is Change

We don’t typically begin a retreat because we avoid change. The fact is, we need to embrace change as it relates to the Personal Retreat. One particular challenge is that we have to consider change, many times, even when we don’t feel it necessary.

In my case, change was necessary. I’d gotten myself into quite a spot. I needed to make a change in what I was doing in my business. I needed to make a change in what I do in my free time. I needed to make a change in how I was interacting with my family.

Why Change?

Let me tell you about Larry. Larry graduated from high school and got a real break and got an internship at a big law firm downtown. Life was good for Larry at first, he had a decent salary, was doing some law clerk work and helped out in the mail room.

Larry had an aptitude for organization and did very well in his job. He was frequently praised for his dedication to his work. Larry was very dedicated and worked long hours when he was asked.

Larry didn’t feel that he needed to change, because everything was working well for him, his firm liked him, and he had many friends.

One day, Larry noticed some new people in the office, they looked like folks in technology. Soon Larry learned that the firm was going paperless and that meant there would be no need for a clerk doing what he was doing. The lawyers and paralegals could search records from their computers and just print what they needed.

Of course the firm wanted to keep Larry, he deserved something for his years of service, but it was clear the business didn’t need him. In two short months, Larry found himself without a job.

Two months isn’t long enough to learn something new, reflect on what other path he might be interested in taking, and certainly not enough to try a few new hobbies to find new activities he’d never considered before. Larry needed to be working on change a long time ago.

Larry’s dedication and long hours really weren’t necessary. I’ll bet Larry worked long days and just relaxed on his time off. Right or wrong, that’s quite a luxury.

Imagine if Larry had made a hobby out of computers. He might have a few at home that he tinkers with and maybe he could have added some more value to his firm. He probably would have seen a paperless revolution coming, and just maybe gotten ahead of it to actually head up the transition and become the subject matter expert. Not only does this other Larry have a continuing career, but he could probably work out a nice raise for himself. The hobby becomes the career, and with the new time on his hands, he can start learning something else!

Next Steps

Once you’ve found some new direction for your life, making some concrete steps are key. Make a plan to adopt some new skills and write down some benchmarks over time. The sky is the limit so be bold enough to even plan a career change! Even if you have only handfuls of time, spending them on your goals takes you closer and closer each day.

None of us are alone in this. We all have to change and grow. Try to find an accountability group of friends or even some strangers that you can meet with on a regular basis. You can share stories about your journeys. Tell of your challenges and successes. You might be an inspiration to someone or they might be an inspiration to you.

A Personal Retreat can be the start of the changes you need for a lifetime of success and happiness!

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