Learning as a Career

Love Learning

This was SO not me. I hated school actually. I only enjoyed a handful of classes. Those were the ones where you DID THE THINGS, rather that just the background stuff. Auto & Metal shop, Drama, even Music. Couldn’t stand things like math, writing, and other things which, in hindsight, are incredibly useful for DOING THE THINGS.

Ok, I have come to realize that I really am going to need to know the stuff that I didn’t enjoy. This is even more important when I’m planning on making change in my life. I’m going to be doing things I really don’t know how to do yet. I’m going to have to learn.

Career Student

Did you ever have one of those friends who said they just wanted to stay in college forever? Yeah I never understood them, but I knew a few. This used to mean just going to university for years and racking up degrees. Maybe you could become a professor.

Study as a Career Requirement

Many careers require continuing education. Teachers, police officers, careers in medicine, and many others. I’d argue that in the information age, we see things change so fast that we all must continue education in our fields to maintain competence and effectiveness. What have you not been exposed to that others in your field have? That lack of knowledge could hamper your ability to get a new job!

What to Study?

Not every career needs to have refreshing in¬†technique, but how the discipline interacts with the world around us is very important. How does what we do benefit others? How can what they do benefit us? Knowing more about how what we do impacts others is incredibly important to mastery. There’s always something new to learn.

Can’t Escape Study

If we aren’t growing, we’re dying. If we’re not learning, we’re losing. Some of the groups in who suffer most lack opportunity to learn how to study more effectively. We truly need a fundamental change in how we teach and learn today. We can’t just hope that something is going to happen to keep us informed.

We also have to be observant. Keep your mind open to how you interact with the world around you. Observation is critical to learning.

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