The Self Help Jungle

I totally get it.

I was so excited to share the success I had in my Personal Retreat. I wrote my book and put it out there and I knew that people could find success with it too!

On Amazon it went, in book and Kindle form and I posted about it everywhere I could.

Then I waited.

And Waited…

So, I didn’t have much luck. I looked at the sales and I thought there must be something more I could do. I went out and looked at some other books like mine. Books that helped people to better themselves, some self help books.

I saw a few so I decided to sign up to some lists and see what shook out.

Duck before it knocks you out!

Seriously. It was a deluge of emails. One every day, and sometimes more than one. Then I saw it coming up on my Facebook feed, and everywhere else.

I got through it and read those books. Some were actually pretty good. Some of them didn’t have much of anything to do with me, but more about the author’s specific situation. Not too helpful for me, but I’m sure it might have been to someone.

How To Manage The Jungle

There’s so much advice out there. How do we tell the good advice from the bad? Why can’t I get a how-to-step-by-step-paint-by-numbers guide to doing my life that has a 100% success rate?

Well I think you know the answer to that. We’re all different and sometimes it just doesn’t apply. So we do the best we can by getting information from a few sources. Then taking the bits that make sense to us to develop what is going to work. It’s not easy.

But here’s some tips to help you through this self help jungle.

Consider the Source

What is their experience in running a business or doing some of the things they’re suggesting? Are they retired and are they keeping up with current trends? Check some references – have others benefited?

What’s the Cost?

Do you have to make a financial commitment? If the advice backfires, what is the fallback? Try a worst-case scenario if you take this course of action. Is the risk worth it?

Gut Check

Check out all your options, your assets, and these ideas and weigh them against your values and mission for yourself. If your gut isn’t into it, then listen!

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