How to be Successful with a Personal Retreat

A Personal Retreat is great for many reasons and finding how to be successful is one of them. I would like to explore success, discuss why it’s important, then share how the Personal Retreat can help.

How to be Successful can be False

When I finally landed a job providing enough money to pay the bills and have some left over, I figured I had done it all. In fact, it was one of the worst things that could have happened to me.

For years we made decisions of what we had and what we did based strictly on what we could afford. We could not afford much. Vacations were camping trips from Friday to Sunday a couple times a year when we got time off. I earned little vacation but could never take it.

Once that big job came along and we got caught up, life was good! Probably a little too good. We spent money on all the things we could now afford that couldn’t before. Big TV, game systems, entertainment center, and fancy kitchen gadgets began cluttering the house. Then came all the dining out, and for me personally, quite a bit of unhealthy habits.

In just a few years I’d created some health issues for myself. Problems that ultimately took a lot longer to recover from than the time it took to make the trouble!

Success can be Elusive

Once the poor health caught up with me, I started throwing money at that. Got a great dietician I started arguing with. Not that either of us were wrong necessarily, but we were not speaking the same language.

I thought a fancy elliptical would be the gateway to fitness and used it for an entire year. I dropped a few pounds at first and then the rewards from the efforts began to decline.

Since my simple calculation of Diet + Exercise failed, it seemed that success was going to take a lot more work than not ordering a pizza. Guess what I did? Double pepperoni, please. Not a great plan for success.

There is little that is more frustrating than work without results. Pursuing a goal without a plan is just that kind of recipe.

Success Needs a Plan

A huge help in how to be successful requires a plan. Once you have developed a solid plan, you have new resources to call upon.

The plan for success requires a complete goal. It requires an understanding of how the goal benefits you. That understanding provides the drive that gets you through the challenges and obstacles.

In the process of planning, you will describe some of those challenges and obstacles that others have had. You’ll review the ones you’ve had in the past, and from them learn the hacks and methods to overcome them.

Your planning will also include some outside resources to call upon when the going gets tough. Talking to friends, family, and others who serve as accountability partners. These people will understand your motivations and goals because you can share them effectively. This makes for great partners.

They cheer you when you do well. They remind you of your prior successes when you experience challenges. These folks are also there to celebrate with you at the end!

The Personal Retreat begins the Planning

Where the Retreat comes into this is those early stages of your success. The Retreat forms the foundation of your goal planning. Motivation, understanding, reflection, hidden aspirations, forgotten joy, and more can be revealed.

Uncovering these feelings and motivations can provide the fuel to create challenging goals and provide rewards you might not have thought possible.

The goal process helps you create smart goals. Planning that is solid, with reasonable expectations of effort and time. You will clearly identify the path and know precisely when you get there.

By doing good planning work, you will have many opportunities to learn about the obstacles you might face. Finally, you will have a plan to learn from, both how you best achieve goals, and how you can apply that to your future goals.

How to be successful? The Personal Retreat is a fantastic tool to start you on a path to success in your goals.

Thank you for reading about how to be successful with a Personal Retreat. If you have not considered one, please check out the other resources on this website. If you are interested in one, it is as easy as clicking here to get you started on your way.

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