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Daughter drawing with mother in office want your dream job

Want your Dream Job?

Want your dream job? Look to your childhood. A recent CNN article entitled “Could your childhood ambitions reveal your dream job?” explored this question. Some of the important points from the article are that the jobs we held in high regard as children reflected our passions and talents. Only about 30% of people surveyed were … Read More

Stressed businessman looking at wrist watch and worrying because of lack of time, late on business meeting, failing deadline. Tired and frustrated office worker nervous after too long day at work. hate what you're good at

What if you hate what you’re good at?

“Why don’t I love my job?” I’d ask myself in a moment of lucidity. I was beginning to think I hate what I’m good at. It certainly makes getting up to go to work every day a challenge. Frequently getting angry for no good reason led to more questions than answers and I needed to … Read More

Thumbtack on a map symbol of where to go on retreat

Where to go on Retreat

Once you have committed, the first most common question is where to go on retreat? A Personal Retreat can be done just about anywhere, but there are some things you might consider. There are also plenty of problems to avoid. I’ll share a few tips that will help you make this important decision on where … Read More

Man on top of mountain. Conceptual design. Making change permanent.

How to Make Change Permanent

One of our greatest challenges as human beings is to make change permanent for ourselves. By and large, we are creatures of habit and consistency. It is generally how we thrive and be successful. If our habits and consistency lend themselves to unhelpful or unhealthy pursuits, to make change permanent becomes more difficult. Struggling with … Read More

Angry and tense woman being stuck in the traffic

Being Stuck

Being stuck can become very evident to people you work with and loved ones early on. You may seem to be grasping at many different methods and activities in order to break free of the anxiety and frustration. Might have a hard time seeing any value from these and begin to judge yourself harshly, disparage … Read More

meditating woman while starting a personal retreat practicing mindfulness

The Mindfulness Lie

Just about everywhere we look today someone is hawking the benefits of mindfulness. “Treat Heart Disease” “Eliminate Test Anxiety” “Treat Bowl and Gut Issues” “Improve Grades” “Treat Skin Rashes” “Increase Brain Mass” I’m not even going to list them all. Just try a search. It’s just not for everyone… I’m going to admit something to … Read More

child on beach making sandcastle who might learn about failure

Why Does Failure Exist?

A few weeks ago I listened to a TED talk by Alain De Botton on failure. He posited a very interesting and enlightening perspective on the concepts of failure and success. Endless Success It made me consider a child, at an age that they don’t understand failure. Say they start making a sand castle, Lego … Read More