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meditating woman while starting a personal retreat practicing mindfulness

The Mindfulness Lie

Just about everywhere we look today someone is hawking the benefits of mindfulness. “Treat Heart Disease” “Eliminate Test Anxiety” “Treat Bowl and Gut Issues” “Improve Grades” “Treat Skin Rashes” “Increase Brain Mass” I’m not even going to list them all. Just try a search. It’s just not for everyone… I’m going to admit something to … Read More

child on beach making sandcastle who might learn about failure

Why Does Failure Exist?

A few weeks ago I listened to a TED talk by Alain De Botton on failure. He posited a very interesting and enlightening perspective on the concepts of failure and success. Endless Success It made me consider a child, at an age that they don’t understand failure. Say they start making a sand castle, Lego … Read More

Businessman in office space with a toy airplane in need of ways to avoid distractions

3 Smart Ways to Avoid Distractions

I’d just taken some notes for this blog post of ways to avoid distractions, and my phone lit up and told me that North Korea fired a missile over Japan. I turned my phone over so I could get started on this post. I logged into my site and then Facebook made a sound in … Read More

shows a huge warrior faced by a small opponent that must overcome the unimaginable

Overcoming the Unimaginable

Unimaginable Challenge This is a highly personal post that I have for you today. It’s about how something huge that you rely turns against you and your are faced with overcoming the unimaginable. Last week, all my Facebook pages were taken offline by Facebook. You can read details of this whole thing on my personal … Read More

Blonde businesswoman with hand at chin, office buildings. Double exposure. Concept of work. Thinking about 5 steps to a new life

5 Steps to Create A New Life

Talking to a friend this week inspired me to write this “create a new life” post. She’s got a brilliant head on her shoulders, very creative and has great determination. She might even be like me; hard to get going, but once a plan is in place, watch out! I think we all have some … Read More

Monkey in jungle crying out that there are too many self help methods in the jungle

The Self Help Jungle

I totally get it. I was so excited to share the success I had in my Personal Retreat. I wrote my book and put it out there and I knew that people could find success with it too! On Amazon it went, in book and Kindle form and I posted about it everywhere I could. Then … Read More

Learning as a Career

Love Learning This was SO not me. I hated school actually. I only enjoyed a handful of classes. Those were the ones where you DID THE THINGS, rather that just the background stuff. Auto & Metal shop, Drama, even Music. Couldn’t stand things like math, writing, and other things which, in hindsight, are incredibly useful for … Read More

Personal Retreat Goal: Making More Money

Making More Money I think this is one of the most common goals that we might bring out of a personal retreat. That isn’t to say that we’re all about money. In fact that can be farthest from it. Goals can mean many things. It can mean freedom, new enterprises or hobbies, maybe even a … Read More

Man in kitchen resting chin on hand leaning over countertop looking thoughtful at his own honesty

Readers Sharing Their Honesty

Such Honesty When folks sign up on our mailing list they get a request. I ask them “What is your #1 single biggest challenge to success in your life right now?” The answers are always insightful and sometimes compelling. Here’s a few: “Myself” “To be brave and have courage” “Accepting and moving on” I think … Read More

Conceptual image of a young man pull the plug from the outlet on his forehead.

Time to Pull the Plug

Such a Great Idea… Ideas you come up with on the the Personal Retreat are so very precious. You’ve worked hard for them and there’s a natural belief that with so much effort, there must be success! Sadly that isn’t always the case. The world might not be ready for your idea. You might not … Read More