Angry and tense woman being stuck in the traffic

Being Stuck

Being stuck can become very evident to people you work with and loved ones early on. You may seem to be grasping at many different methods and activities in order to break free of the anxiety and frustration. Might have a hard time seeing any value from these and begin to judge yourself harshly, disparage … Read More

Conceptual image of a young man pull the plug from the outlet on his forehead.

Time to Pull the Plug

Such a Great Idea… Ideas you come up with on the the Personal Retreat are so very precious. You’ve worked hard for them and there’s a natural belief that with so much effort, there must be success! Sadly that isn’t always the case. The world might not be ready for your idea. You might not … Read More

Beautiful businesswoman with a thoughtful expression holding a white question mark in her hand against a black studio background seemingly wondering why

The Answer is Why

A Great Question I was doing an interview for a podcast this week and I got a great question: “What do you wish people would ask you?” The answer? “Why?” I strongly believe we don’t ask “Why?” enough. It seems that people are given information and they either reject it or accept it. There’s not … Read More

Senior Couple enjoying a long happy life Standing On Beach Taking Selfie

Long and Happy Life

Make a Change and Live Longer Imagine being an employee working at a desk, assembly line, or job meeting. Look around you. 7 of every ten people around you aren’t engaged at all in their work. They have feelings ranging from ambivalence about what they do, to outright hatred. Maybe you are one of them. Going … Read More

sandwich and banana in lunch bag with notepad and pen for what to bring on a personal retreat

What to Bring on a Retreat?

For your Retreat, you need to bring the basics. You don’t want to bring too much that will be a distraction but you certainly don’t want to be left wanting for something either. Your retreat can last up to a day. You’ll need more than just a notepad! Food I’m a big advocate for eating … Read More

Excerpt from a New Yorker magazine cover from 1969 depicting what happens in the mind in a stream of consciousness which mindfulness can help control

Meditation: It’s a Mad, Mad Mind

The image featured here is an amazing representation of what stream of consciousness really means. The mind is a truly amazing thing, making connections to memory from the incredible number of stimuli we experience. Sights, smells, touch, sounds, and tastes can send us through a whirlwind of thoughts – sometimes just pieces, or deeply meaningful … Read More