meditating woman while starting a personal retreat practicing mindfulness

The Mindfulness Lie

Just about everywhere we look today someone is hawking the benefits of mindfulness. “Treat Heart Disease” “Eliminate Test Anxiety” “Treat Bowl and Gut Issues” “Improve Grades” “Treat Skin Rashes” “Increase Brain Mass” I’m not even going to list them all. Just try a search. It’s just not for everyone… I’m going to admit something to … Read More

Senior Couple enjoying a long happy life Standing On Beach Taking Selfie

Long and Happy Life

Make a Change and Live Longer Imagine being an employee working at a desk, assembly line, or job meeting. Look around you. 7 of every ten people around you aren’t engaged at all in their work. They have feelings ranging from ambivalence about what they do, to outright hatred. Maybe you are one of them. Going … Read More

Excerpt from a New Yorker magazine cover from 1969 depicting what happens in the mind in a stream of consciousness which mindfulness can help control

Meditation: It’s a Mad, Mad Mind

The image featured here is an amazing representation of what stream of consciousness really means. The mind is a truly amazing thing, making connections to memory from the incredible number of stimuli we experience. Sights, smells, touch, sounds, and tastes can send us through a whirlwind of thoughts – sometimes just pieces, or deeply meaningful … Read More

meditating woman while starting a personal retreat practicing mindfulness

Starting a Personal Retreat

I am starting my personal retreat! It’s actually my second retreat. The last one was about a year ago, and I learned so much. Using some of the items from the last one is a great springboard for the one upcoming. In the book I wrote, I talk about preparation for your retreat. That preparation … Read More