How to Make Change Permanent

Man on top of mountain. Conceptual design. Making change permanent.

One of our greatest challenges as human beings is to make change permanent for ourselves. By and large, we are creatures of habit and consistency. It is generally how we thrive and be successful. If our habits and consistency lend themselves to unhelpful or unhealthy pursuits, to make change permanent becomes more difficult. Struggling with … Read more

The Mindfulness Lie

meditating woman while starting a personal retreat practicing mindfulness

Just about everywhere we look today someone is hawking the benefits of mindfulness. “Treat Heart Disease” “Eliminate Test Anxiety” “Treat Bowl and Gut Issues” “Improve Grades” “Treat Skin Rashes” “Increase Brain Mass” I’m not even going to list them all. Just try a search. It’s just not for everyone… I’m going to admit something to … Read more

It is a Tough World

Depressed Man with Problems holding hand over his Face and Crying, occupied by Thoughts about a tough world

Bleak The world would sooner pitch you into the dustbin of forgotten history than even for a moment recognize you deserve anything. Sounds harsh, right? Well, consider the plight of people in countries with authoritarian governments or under the grip of war. In a moment’s notice, you could be bombed, disappeared, or worse, and perhaps … Read more

You Can’t Go Home Again

Beautiful sunrise in Carpathian mountains with nature wooden houses on a forest hill. can't go home again

Seriously. You Can’t Go Home Again. During Thanksgiving this year we were driving back to my hometown to see family and enjoy the holiday together. As I was driving and looking at everything that had changed, I noticed a lot that hadn’t. I was thinking that I was going “home” for the holidays. I was … Read more