The Struggle Is Real

Ever had your back against the wall? It sounds cliche but I know the struggle is real.

After a long struggle you can be tired. Facing the same obstacle day after day narrows your focus. It’s hard to see more than one way out, and that way is not easy.

Trouble is, when an idea pops up that is easier than that, it’s sure tempting to take it. A solution that takes tremendous time, effort, and luck to accomplish sets a pretty low bar when you look at it.

“A ‘cheap’ change in career to long haul truck driver was only $1,000. I could start anytime.”

“The sales position might be 100% commission but the market is so ripe considering their marketing analysis.”

“My cousin says I’d be a natural selling these herbal supplements.”

“Those fancy vacuum cleaners sell themselves – I could surely move about 30 of those a month.”

I’m sure you’ve heard a few more of those.

If you just take a breath – just a few minutes you’ll realize how foolish that is. That’s what I needed. A breather. Something to just get me centered.

Once I found out how easy mindfulness was, everything else just fell together. I just needed a guide to take me through the steps while I stayed on task. A little research on self-guided insights and I had the Personal Retreat.

Not ONLY did I have a new way to work within my business but I had some new opportunities to create a lasting legacy for myself as someone committed to service.

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If you have a few minutes, leave a comment about what you’ve been struggling with. What has your back against the wall?

This comment goes directly to me. I’ll read it myself and make sure our future messages will show you how the Personal Retreat addresses them.