Why Do I Need A Personal Retreat?

Usually we go bumping along in life, doing what we do and being pretty happy about it until we slip off the road. Maybe due to an accident, or something not so accidental, and we have to get out for a moment and see how to get back on track.

Maybe we realize that we’ve been on a track that doesn’t go anywhere, or doesn’t get us toward our life goals.

Heck maybe we suddenly realize there wasn’t a goal and the road we’re on is just a circle!

This is where we might get into trouble – we might go outside for someone to just hand us a new road. We ask a friend for advice, or buy a book on reinventing yourself.

Why is that bad? Friends are great and many authors are experts! This is true and maybe that would work well for you, but if it doesn’t feel right, then it’s not what you need.  It’s easy to just pick something up, even if it doesn’t fit and then find yourself off the road again later.

I’d say it’s never too late for a retreat but the above is certainly one of those moments.

There’s some other moments too that might make a great reason to go on a retreat.

Maybe you found that you don’t like doing your career anymore. Perhaps you found that you want to become a scuba diver.

Another change might be that you decide when you retire, you want to work on lawnmowers, but your current lifestyle doesn’t allow for the time to study.

You might be like me and found that you have your hands in a number of different projects just to have something to do, and suddenly realized that they got boring because they weren’t meeting any of my goals

This is a GREAT time to consider a retreat!

Next Step: How do I take a Personal Retreat?