Build a meaningful legacy and love what you do.

“Personal Retreat changed my life! For the last 3 years I have made semiannual personal retreats for by business and personal life. It has made all the difference in achieving my goals.”

Paul T. LongBanker/Consultant


How I got started on this path

Wade Stewart is a small business owner in Tacoma, WA. After enjoying several years of success in his business, the long hours had taken their toll and he was unhappy. Once he went on his own Personal Retreat, he found a renewed sense of purpose. This Retreat was so successful he has written this book to help others who might find themselves in a similar place.

Wade serves in a volunteer capacity in the Tacoma/Pierce County Chamber of Commerce, Tacoma Narrows Rotary, Peace Out!, and Rainier Oasis.

While the Personal Retreat is Wade’s first published work, he has many more expected to follow from an eclectic range of subjects. They include business management, customer service, fiction and a role playing game.

This ambitious and personally fulfilling trajectory is a direct result of the insights found through the Personal Retreat. Wade’s sense of service to others is what brings these works to the wider world.

“My book is intended to be a guide for busy individuals who are feeling stuck in a rut, unfulfilled, and want to look within themselves for the answers which will lead to a satisfying life.”

The Personal Retreat is your guide on a journey of self-discovery. Start with the development of focus skills. Add in some planning for a retreat date. More preparation, then the work begins.

Following an easy-to-follow guide will give you surprising insights. You might learn you don’t like some of the work you do, while finding renewed joy in other aspects of your career. This then can become a springboard into a new hobby, career, or even a new life!

Should you make the decision to buy the Personal Retreat, you won’t be alone. You will gain access to the author and many others who are taking their Retreats to get opportunities for support, encouragement, and to share your success!

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