Feeling burned out?
Me too, but I found a way out.

Life doesn’t have to be such a struggle. There is a way around the burnout and out of a life that you don’t even recognize anymore.

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Coaching & Programs

Your Personal Retreat

If you are someone who is lost among a sea of options and advice, you have too many interests, or you simply feel like you’ve lost who you are in what you’re doing, this is a great step to get back to who you are.

Small Business Retreat

Your small business needs a plan that creates goals, tasks to accomplish or delegate, and that grows your business. The plan must be reviewed regularly, and the perfect way to do that is through a retreat.

Mastermind Academy

The mastermind group provides its members with the strength and support they need. The group will test you, as you test the other members, empowering each other to be successful in business and in life.

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“Personal Retreat changed my life! For the last 3 years I have made semiannual Personal Retreats for by business and personal life. It has made all the difference in achieving my goals.”

– Paul T. Long, Banker/Consultant


“Personal Retreat changed everything. The results were amazing. It made the family retreat more productive and produced a better plan. I recommend this book and this process to everyone.”

– Robert Hays