Personal Retreat Coaching

I would have saved a lot of time if I had an opportunity to get coaching for my Personal Retreat. I spent a lot of time searching for, designing, and testing a self-assessment system. Despite it being effective, it still needs some tweaking as it relates to individual needs.

Coaching is an effective method to get the most out of your personal development efforts. Coaching that is specialized for a particular need is even more effective. 

If you prefer working as a group, we have group coaching, and if you just want the one-on-one attention that a personal coach can give, there’s that opportunity as well. So, with that in mind, you might ask…

What Is Personal Retreat Coaching?People talking in circle during small group coaching meeting

What can you expect from joining a Personal Retreat Coaching plan?

  • Effective Goal Planning: Working with a group or coach, you can get assistance in building goals that are specific, challenging, and recognizable. A sense of accomplishment is a great motivation for personal growth.
  • Enlightening Discussion: Either in groups or in one on one sessions, you’ll have an opportunity to share in a safe place and get some insights you might not otherwise get from friends and loved ones.
  • Accountability: This might sound like a dirty word. Like having people you have to admit your failings to, but not in our plan. Sharing success is much more important, as is getting a hand up when you find challenges.
  • Encouragement: Whether it’s a group or a coach, you’ll find your sessions a great opportunity to feel encouraged in your goals.
  • Ongoing Relationships: By joining a coaching program you are welcomed into a community of coaches and other people. They all share the Personal Retreat and a common interest in personal development. 
  • Easy Access: We use videoconferencing to connect with one another. We want to see and hear you as you see and hear us. The site is easy to use from any computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile device.

Types of Coaching

One is a group coaching process where we get together through a video chat program on the internet. We talk about the next steps of your Retreat as a group, answering questions and getting feedback on your experiences. This style can be useful if you just need a little help on your first Retreat, feel like you want to give extra attention on your second retreat, or you just enjoy going through the process with others without the commitment to a partner in a co-retreat.

If you need the focused attention of a one-on-one Personal Retreat coach, we can help you out with that too. We have experienced coaches in the Personal Retreat, and with great personal development coaching experience. They can take you through the Retreat and beyond to help you define and achieve your goals and dreams.

To reach out to learn more about coaching, please connect through my calendar.