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Coach John Wooden, winner of 10 NCAA men’s basketball titles with the UCLA Bruins developed his “Pyramid of Success” on how to win on the court and in life.

The foundational blocks of this pyramid included industriousness, friendship, loyalty, cooperation, and enthusiasm. The blocks above those were self-control, initiative, skill, confidence, and poise.

The very top block was competitive greatness, which you reached, according to Coach Wooden when you were able to “be at your best when your best is needed”.

Working as a Team

You’ll notice that many of these blocks cannot be completed alone. Friendship, loyalty, and cooperation form the very base of the pyramid. Success in many areas of life must have some basis with others. These others can of course be family and friends to an extent. There’s always going to need to be someone closer to the enterprise, the business, or the project who helps support this shared pyramid.

The Entrepreneur’s Challenge

Most businesses start out with one single leader. The leader with the vision of the entire enterprise, all wrapped up in their mind. In time they slowly invite others into the vision and can form a team that help with the pyramid of success.

The true challenge is that the early stages of a venture are when these foundational components of success are tested most. The entrepreneur relies on all the resources they can muster in order to make up for the lack of the tested qualities.

The Mastermind Group

This is where the mastermind group begins to shine. The mastermind group provides not only the strength to those team-oriented blocks, but indeed supports every one of them. The group will work to test you, and in turn you test the other members. Iron strengthens iron and together the group empowers each other to be successful individuals, as well as successful in anything they put their minds to.

Our Mastermind Groups

In order for mastermind groups to have the most benefit to the members of the group, there are several important qualities we need to identify. These qualities help you group with members that are aligned with where you are in your life, career or business. They can’t be competitors or any kind of threat, as the mastermind group needs to be a place of safety and open sharing.

Group meetings are to be regularly attended by all members. As a group, members decide on the meeting day and frequency they will commit to attending. Only by regular attendance do we build knowledge about each other, a sense of comradery, and a solid foundation of trust.

Personal Retreat staff, including Wade Stewart, the Author of the Personal Retreat, are very hands-on with the groups. We act as advisors, helping out through struggles the group may encounter. We are here to assist, in taking notes on items your group wants follow up on, and we can be your facilitators as well if you so choose.

Areas of Focus

There are a number of areas that we focus on in the group.

  • Group Goals – The group defines their own goals as a group. How meetings are conducted, what the topics are, and how the group should be facilitated.
  • Strategy – A group member may bring a challenge they’re having to the group. The group members provide experience and ideas to help. Often, example problems are provided to spur the topic and bring hidden problems to the forefront.
  • Personal Development – Members sharing where they are in their lives or professions bring the conversation around to the ways they can improve aspects of their personal development.
  • Marketing – Together the group explores the best ways to market members and their businesses. The group will share some of the results they have had, the tools used and any outside professionals that might help us get the work of marketing done.
  • Work/Life Balance – Mastermind groups often work together on this and what balance truly means.
  • Accountability – Group members share goals, tasks and actions which will bring success. Together the group keeps members accountable, working to give a hand up when its needed, or applause when accomplished.
  • Business Plan Development – For the business-minded mastermind group, review or creation of the business plan, mission statement or values are helpful to take an organization to the next level.
  • Regular Meetings – Mastermind group meetings are lengthy and important. Attendance and a clearly defined start and end time are critical. Our groups will have agendas which will be closely adhered to.

Mastermind groups are a means to achieving your personal and professional goals. You may find a whole new tribe of like-minded people that are dedicated to your success.

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