Frustrated and Lost

Are You Ready?

Are you? I know what you’re feeling.

I hit snooze so many times that I was late. Constantly.

Nobody really cared though. Does it seem like going to a horrible job whenever you want sounds good?

Not really. I HAD to go. I HAD to earn money for my family.

I would get frustrated at the most stupid things. Stupid things co-workers did. They weren’t hurting anyone but themselves. I could have just smiled and moved on but it seemed so wasteful and horrible.

I think it was my time that felt horrible and wasted there.

I Hear You!

I’m contacted by people just like you. They’re sharing their stories with me and we’re finding out that we all have felt the same way.

They’re frustrated with where they are. They don’t feel like there’s a way out. The only job that they qualify for is 500 miles away, or maybe there just aren’t any jobs.

They’re lost because they don’t know where the path they’re on will lead. It’s a long, dark tunnel with no light ahead. There’s a road, and it goes somewhere but is it where they want to go?

Try This

I’m asking you right now. Try the Personal Retreat.

There’s no catches. No huge investment. Not even a whole lot of time.

Here’s the steps:

  1. Buy the book
  2. Read the book
  3. Take some notes
  4. Schedule your retreat
  5. Work on preparations
  6. Go on your retreat
  7. Make changes

I’m asking you to try, and give it a good try. I know you can make a difference in yourself. I know you can be happier because everyone I know who has taken the personal retreat is happier for doing it.

That means they’ll hit snooze less often. They’re going to live longer. They’re going to be happier. They’re going to love what they’re doing.

So, what are you waiting for? Here’s the link of where you can find the book right now.

Did you click it? Good!

One More Thing

When you are done with your retreat, come back here and tell us how it went. Let the folks who come here, feeling the way you felt, know that they don’t have to keep doing the same old thing and they can be happier and healthier.

Thank you!


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