No Vacation this year? Try a Personal Retreat

No vacation. Closed visa. Spoiled summer vacation. Ban on flight, quarantine. Passports and plane tickets are crossed out

Getting away from it all can be difficult if you don’t know where to go. Worse still during a pandemic, recession, or whatever economic impacts are hitting us right now. Vacationing with technology can make it even harder. Many people overschedule themselves, but setting aside some time for yourself just got even more challenging. Luckily, … Read more

Want your Dream Job?

Daughter drawing with mother in office want your dream job

Want your dream job? Look to your childhood. A recent CNN article entitled “Could your childhood ambitions reveal your dream job?” explored this question. Some of the important points from the article are that the jobs we held in high regard as children reflected our passions and talents. Only about 30% of people surveyed were … Read more

4 Steps to Lasting Change

4 Success Steps to making changes last, business concept

Making Change Last If making changes were easy, I think we’d be some pretty happy people. Why? So many people love stagnation… Or do they? Actually, they probably don’t. If you are stagnating and the world around you is changing, you’re going to be pretty unhappy ultimately so don’t buy into the hype! Change is … Read more

Long and Happy Life

Senior Couple enjoying a long happy life Standing On Beach Taking Selfie

Make a Change and Live Longer Imagine being an employee working at a desk, assembly line, or job meeting. Look around you. 7 of every ten people around you aren’t engaged at all in their work. They have feelings ranging from ambivalence about what they do, to outright hatred. Maybe you are one of them. Going … Read more


Successful pioneer in the jungle finding right direction to happiness on map.

Do you have happiness? Maybe you don’t. Maybe you feel that happiness escapes you in your life. Let me start by saying that it is ok. Yep, it’s ok to be unhappy. Why should I need to tell you that? “Good morning” I say. “How are you today?” I say. What is your answer? “I’m … Read more