Want your Dream Job?

Daughter drawing with mother in office want your dream job

Want your dream job? Look to your childhood. A recent CNN article entitled “Could your childhood ambitions reveal your dream job?” explored this question. Some of the important points from the article are that the jobs we held in high regard as children reflected our passions and talents. Only about 30% of people surveyed were … Read more

Learning as a Career

Love Learning This was SO not me. I hated school actually. I only enjoyed a handful of classes. Those were the ones where you DID THE THINGS, rather that just the background stuff. Auto & Metal shop, Drama, even Music. Couldn’t stand things like math, writing, and other things which, in hindsight, are incredibly useful for … Read more

Grow Up

group of kids in uniforms costumes before they grow up

Did you say “I want to be a firefighter when I grow up”? Seems pretty exciting. Going into burning buildings. Being the hero who rescues the little old lady, a baby, or a dog. Driving big fire trucks around and operating water-pumping equipment. Being in charge within a crisis, making decisions and taking action. Well I … Read more