Woman using laptop to book hotel online for her personal retreat

Choosing a Personal Retreat

Are you looking for an opportunity to unplug and re-charge your soul? Do you crave some alone time to refuel and rejuvenate? Are you eager to escape the hustle and bustle of city life? If so, then a personal retreat may be the answer for you. While they may seem like a luxury, self-retreats are … Read More

man is sitting at desk with a computer on it looking stuck with post it notes wondering "where is your schedule"

Accomplish More with a Schedule

Have you struggled with your schedules? Do you have challenges in scheduling your day? You get started on scheduling on a whole day and then it just gets overwhelming, and you get stuck? Or maybe you’re OK with making the schedules, but it’s just sticking to them. You start by making progress on these little … Read More

A small target with a dart in it depicting smarter goals

Developing Smart Goals for Your Business

As business owners, we all have goals. Goals of growth, income, staffing and more. Many times this is a numbers game, and whatever it takes to get the goal is what’s necessary. Sometimes our goals are a little more complicated and we must start developing SMARTER goals for business. Is developing S.M.A.R.T.E.R. goals new to … Read More

frustrated man working at office computer desk desperate and overwhelmed feeling upset suffering depression and anxiety crisis in financial business problem who needs to find motivation when you are stuck

Find Motivation When You are Stuck

There can be several things that can slow progress on your goals, but some are internal, and you need to find motivation when you are stuck. This can be a common problem, and I hope to share some common and uncommon solutions for you! Is Stuck Really Stuck? First, I want to show some of … Read More

business people facing an obstacle wondering how to be successful while one person is on top of the obstacle successful in the goal

How to be Successful with a Personal Retreat

A Personal Retreat is great for many reasons and finding how to be successful is one of them. I would like to explore success, discuss why it’s important, then share how the Personal Retreat can help. How to be Successful can be False When I finally landed a job providing enough money to pay the … Read More

partial view of a compass pointing toward the word goal, depicting the culmination of smarter goals

Developing Smarter Goals

If you have been around the block as much as I have, you know that developing SMART goals may not be new to you. Even if you have not been, it could be a new concept. The concept of developing SMART goals anyway, we all think we make smarter goals. Sorry smart play on words … Read More

Thumbtack on a map symbol of where to go on retreat

Where to go on Retreat

Once you have committed, the first most common question is where to go on retreat? A Personal Retreat can be done just about anywhere, but there are some things you might consider. There are also plenty of problems to avoid. I’ll share a few tips that will help you make this important decision on where … Read More

shows a huge warrior faced by a small opponent that must overcome the unimaginable

Overcoming the Unimaginable

Unimaginable Challenge This is a highly personal post that I have for you today. It’s about how something huge that you rely turns against you and your are faced with overcoming the unimaginable. Last week, all my Facebook pages were taken offline by Facebook. You can read details of this whole thing on my personal … Read More

Learning as a Career

Love Learning This was SO not me. I hated school actually. I only enjoyed a handful of classes. Those were the ones where you DID THE THINGS, rather that just the background stuff. Auto & Metal shop, Drama, even Music. Couldn’t stand things like math, writing, and other things which, in hindsight, are incredibly useful for … Read More

sandwich and banana in lunch bag with notepad and pen for what to bring on a personal retreat

What to Bring on a Retreat?

For your Retreat, you need to bring the basics. You don’t want to bring too much that will be a distraction but you certainly don’t want to be left wanting for something either. Your retreat can last up to a day. You’ll need more than just a notepad! Food I’m a big advocate for eating … Read More