Big waves breaking on cliffs during winter storm on the west coast of Ireland. The waves wear down the stone in constant change

Change is the only Constant

If you have read any articles on the topic of fintech recently, you must have read the term ‘Disruptive Innovation’. Disruptive innovation is a concept that says new technology or business models can reduce the value and utility of existing products or services by creating something better and more user-friendly. This concept is prevalent in … Read More

Man on top of mountain. Conceptual design. Making change permanent.

How to Make Change Permanent

One of our greatest challenges as human beings is to make change permanent for ourselves. By and large, we are creatures of habit and consistency. It is generally how we thrive and be successful. If our habits and consistency lend themselves to unhelpful or unhealthy pursuits, to make change permanent becomes more difficult. Struggling with … Read More

Angry and tense woman being stuck in the traffic

Being Stuck

Being stuck can become very evident to people you work with and loved ones early on. You may seem to be grasping at many different methods and activities in order to break free of the anxiety and frustration. Might have a hard time seeing any value from these and begin to judge yourself harshly, disparage … Read More

Personal Retreat Goal: Making More Money

Making More Money I think this is one of the most common goals that we might bring out of a personal retreat. That isn’t to say that we’re all about money. In fact that can be farthest from it. Goals can mean many things. It can mean freedom, new enterprises or hobbies, maybe even a … Read More

Man in kitchen resting chin on hand leaning over countertop looking thoughtful at his own honesty

Readers Sharing Their Honesty

Such Honesty When folks sign up on our mailing list they get a request. I ask them “What is your #1 single biggest challenge to success in your life right now?” The answers are always insightful and sometimes compelling. Here’s a few: “Myself” “To be brave and have courage” “Accepting and moving on” I think … Read More

Depressed Man with Problems holding hand over his Face and Crying, occupied by Thoughts about a tough world

It is a Tough World

Bleak The world would sooner pitch you into the dustbin of forgotten history than even for a moment recognize you deserve anything. Sounds harsh, right? Well, consider the plight of people in countries with authoritarian governments or under the grip of war. In a moment’s notice, you could be bombed, disappeared, or worse, and perhaps … Read More

split image on top shows a lot of people exercising with the caption Gym on January 2nd,

DO NOT Make A Resolution!

It’s a Terrible Idea “May all your troubles last as long as your New Year resolutions.”  That’s about the most positive quote I can find about resolutions today. I know people who have had these work out very well. Year after year they pick a goal and nail it. Rinse and repeat. That’s awesome. Keep … Read More

Blue shoes standing at the start line of making change

Making The Changes

Now What? You’ve finished your Personal Retreat and taken a day to relax and review all you’ve explored. You may have a lot of to-do’s. Maybe you have a few questions to consider. You could even have one big goal you’ve walked away with. Whatever it is, you’ve gotten it started, but what’s next? After … Read More

young Asian business facilitator in a discussion or brainstorm session in meeting room.

Facilitation and the Personal Retreat

Undoubtedly you have heard of the business retreat. Made with excitement by the business management, and sometimes attended with dread by key employees. That’s not to say every retreat is a waste of time. As someone who has gone on many corporate retreats, I typically left them with a renewed sense of purpose. I felt … Read More

group of kids in uniforms costumes before they grow up

Grow Up

Did you say “I want to be a firefighter when I grow up”? Seems pretty exciting. Going into burning buildings. Being the hero who rescues the little old lady, a baby, or a dog. Driving big fire trucks around and operating water-pumping equipment. Being in charge within a crisis, making decisions and taking action. Well I … Read More