Want your Dream Job?

Want your dream job? Look to your childhood.

A recent CNN article entitled “Could your childhood ambitions reveal your dream job?” explored this question.

Some of the important points from the article are that the jobs we held in high regard as children reflected our passions and talents. Only about 30% of people surveyed were in a dream job or related field. These aspirations are shaped by the world around us in childhood; influenced by people, standards, and social expectations.

What Happened?

How is it that the 70% of us that didn’t find that childhood dream job wound up here? In some cases, we find a path of employment that forces us to ignore those early thoughts.

It is not unusual to have to proceed down a path because the need to start earning a living takes precedence over chasing a dream. An important family member becomes sick or injured, and the role of earning a living must shift.

For many of us, the type of work we must do pays well enough to not mind the tradeoff of a dream for necessity. If the work isn’t too demeaning or difficult, or takes a physical or emotional toll, then one could work almost indefinitely.

Life does get in the way of our dreams sometimes, and we must do what we have to, but it may not be sustainable.

However, there are other situations where the work is more challenging. Without the passion for the career, compelling you onward, it can bring some dissatisfaction. At worst, it can start to create some resentment for the position. This could manifest in ways that lead to unhealthy choices, both personally and professionally.

You Are Not Stuck

The good news is that despite decades of doing work I did not find rewarding; I could find my way out of it. In time, I found everything that really made me happy and feel satisfied in my work.

The process I developed in the Personal Retreat involves spending some time with that younger version of yourself. Using the tools, you can explore some of those dream careers of childhood. 

This is just one in a series of steps that help you revisit those dreams. You take the passions, skills, and knowledge you’ve built up, look back on what gave you inspiration, and build from there. All along the way taking moments to experience thoughts and feelings which pop up. Those little intuitive moments of introspection giving you ideas that might we worth exploring.

Live that Dream

“…it was just as exciting as I imagined.” Natalie, 27, Interior Designer

“I’ve seen first-hand the arbitrariness of how different people are treated under the law, it gives me a reason to continue doing it.” Emily, Public Defender, 30

“I am so fueled by my art and working with my students. This is what I was meant to do.” Jessie, Dance Director, 42

“I can’t imagine life without this constant interaction with all the other species we share this planet with.” Jessica, Veterinarian, 29

Couldn’t you just imagine how satisfying it might be to live that dream career? That is part of my process too. You must be able to visualize yourself in that new role. Experience that passion before you get there, it will guide and empower you.

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