Start Here


We need a solid place to start from when we are going to explore where we want our lives to go.

Things were easy when we started out; there were a handful of options and you just had to pick the one that sounded the best.

Well sometimes it sounds good at first.

Maybe you mastered it too fast and it’s boring now. Did it have some hidden factors that just drove you crazy?

For example, some computer technicians are really good at technology. Some are not so great with people, but people ARE an important component. Computers don’t need us much!

So let’s answer some questions right off the bat and we’ll make them easy. Why, What, and How.

Why? Well I took myself on a personal retreat because I had my hands in many different areas and I felt like I was too scattered.

What? I figure if an organization can take itself on a retreat to plan for the future, why can’t I?

How? Boy that was the interesting one. Well, you have to use a little of the organization’s retreat, but not much because they’re based off group synergy. Not as easy for one person to accomplish, but if you think about it, you have a few different hats, experiences, and a future in mind, so we’ll use that to fill out the group.