When Should I Get A Retreat Coach?

A Retreat Coach? This is Personal!

The Personal Retreat is intended to be done by yourself. You don’t have a family member, spouse, or friend who you drag along with you to discuss the various steps you’re going through. All the steps are exclusively yours and yours alone to take. A retreat coach might not make sense.

Sure, if you have a business retreat, there’s often a retreat facilitator and they help you process through the steps. They give you the plan and assist you in the execution. They get people to talk to one another, group different people together to build new ideas and perspectives. However there’s no retreat facilitator in the Personal Retreat.

There’s really important reasons why I designed the personal retreat the way I did.


The preparation steps you go through are very important to do on your own. Sure you can have someone pack a lunch for you. Taking the time to make it yourself with the understanding you’ll have it for the retreat imparts a meaning to it. You’ll find meaning in a great deal of what you do in the retreat which can help enhance your results. Understanding how these meaningful experiences have created who you are today is an important ingredient to your retreat.

Meditation was something I had to do on my own. I did get some help with some guided meditations which were recorded that I could listen to, but I couldn’t do that with anyone in the room. I also had to ask for private time, which was pretty unusual in my home. 

Personal Introspection

In the process, I ask you to evaluate areas of your life you might not have considered in years; decades perhaps. Some of these things might be a little painful if they’re unresolved, or even if they are resolved, they’re still tough to address. 

These things, no matter how painful, personal, or even secretive; compose who we are today. There’s things that we’ve thought, said, or done that inform us how we move through the world today. Reviewing them carefully through the Personal Retreat can illuminate things in your life that could help you immensely right now. 

As I performed some of the regression parts of my retreat I stumbled across things in my memory that I’d long forgotten. As I recalled doing some of the things I did as a kid, I remembered someone I did a lot of those things with who has long since passed away. Certainly a bittersweet moment that I wasn’t really prepared for. The great thing about reliving that was I’d also stumbled across something that made me incredibly happy to do, and I’d lost most all memory of it. 


As you leave your Personal Retreat, you’ll find that you have a number of action steps to do. Since they’re related to some of the deeply personal exploration you’ve done, these steps may be private as well.

As you experience progress in these new steps, you might then decide to share them later on. It’s only natural that as you improve yourself, others may notice small changes in your personality. It’s amazing to be recognized for being happier, thinner, thankful, energetic, and other qualities that show progress. They’ll want to know your secret – perhaps for you it needs to remain so.

I’m not exactly a private person, but there are aspects of my life that probably don’t need to be shared unless it is relevant to my relationship with people. I think there’s a little of that in all of us. Something we might really enjoy but get teased about that makes one feel uncomfortable. It could be a stuffed animal collection, that you like to watch cartoons and eat kids cereal on Saturday mornings, or any manner of other things. What’s important is how you feel about it and what you may or may not need to change about it that makes you happier. It’s not something you necessarily need to share with anyone.

Why Coaching?

For some people a retreat coach is a welcome addition to the Personal Retreat. For those who are so busy they have a hard time staying on task or accomplishing the preparation, having someone help provide tips and tricks along the way can be really helpful.

There are many outside influences that can make the retreat difficult. A coach can help with that and provide sounding board for these challenges. New ideas can be tried and success is right around the corner.

The meditation parts of the retreat can be very unusual to many people who haven’t considered doing it before. A Retreat Coach specializes in Personal Retreat preparation and will be there to help you through and give you some guidance. 

For me, learning how to meditate took a long time. Due to the nature of my work in computers, my mind is frequently going from one thing to another in rapid succession. This is great for the type of work I do but it’s not at all helpful to my ability to focus. I couldn’t have done a retreat without a considerable amount of meditation development. 

Ultimately the more you have going in your favor to accomplish the Personal Retreat will have a direct impact on how successful your retreat is. A Personal Retreat Coach can turn a so-so retreat into a life-changing one! 

Learn More

If you feel you’re ready to look into a Personal Retreat Coach for your retreat, please fill out the form below so we can contact you about the different coaching programs we have. There’s of course no obligation, and we don’t add you to any mailing lists unless you explicitly give your permission.

We will send you information about the programs we have, what you can expect your participation in them to be, and what you can expect to get back. Some of these programs don’t even have a fee associated. We can work with you to find the best program that suits your needs.

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