How I can help your business move forward

We are going to help you find the best success in the next year of your life by taking you on a Personal Retreat. Your next personal development journey starts here.

This isn’t some vacation getaway to some distant locale. It’s not a trip across the county line to wander in the forest, desert, or ocean beaches. I’m talking about the kind of retreat a company might take. Where a group might work together to help determine a future of an organization, I’ll help you help determine YOUR future.

I’ll focus on happiness, challenges, and successes as we rediscover and redefine together. Through an exploration of your past, your skills, and more, you will gain the insights you need for success.

This is your self help guide to self understanding. You’ll get insights to improve your time management, self development, which lead to a generally satisfying life.

Personal Retreat

Planning and preparing for a Personal Retreat can take work! So, many aspects should be considered from your personal preparations to what you’ll take with you. I will give you some great ideas on how you can start, how you can stay focused, and how they relate to your goals.

The Personal Retreat coaching will help you with all your planning:

  • Step-by-step list of things to prepare, and when to prepare them.
  • Tips for scheduling and meeting your objectives.
  • A guide that will take out from the retreat to goal making, and finally manifesting your new ideas.

Small Business Retreat

We will visit your small business goals, create tasks to accomplish and delegate, and help grow our business.  

We’ll break down your business into high-level areas which all have separate goals which directly support the overall business goals.

  • Business Operations
  • Business Development
  • Marketing
  • Sales

Mastermind Academy

Your mastermind group will provide strength and support. The group will test you, as you test the other members, empowering each other to be successful individuals in business and life.

In order for mastermind groups to have the most benefit to the members of the group, there are several important qualities we need to identify. These qualities help you group with members that are aligned with where you are in your life, career or business. They can’t be competitors or any kind of threat, as the mastermind group needs to be a place of safety and open sharing.

Let’s Get Your Journey Started

The most important part of your Personal Retreat is planning it, but life gets in that way. Even if you read my book, you might have more questions, special circumstances, or just need extra motivation.

That’s where I can help.

Fill out this form and book a time to talk with me about where you are in your retreat process. Together we can come up with strategies to take back your life and achieve everything you want.