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sandwich and banana in lunch bag with notepad and pen for what to bring on a personal retreat

What to Bring on a Retreat?

For your Retreat, you need to bring the basics. You don’t want to bring too much that will be a distraction but you certainly don’t want to be left wanting for something either. Your retreat can last up to a day. You’ll need more than just a notepad! Food I’m a big advocate for eating … Read More

image shows a calendar with letters spelling plan - planning the date

Planning Your Retreat Date

You can’t finish a Personal Retreat until you start, and you can’t start without planning your retreat date. When I think about the folks who are going to buy my book and start a personal retreat, I can’t help but think of the worst stumbling block. Starting. I want to help them out and give … Read More

Excerpt from a New Yorker magazine cover from 1969 depicting what happens in the mind in a stream of consciousness which mindfulness can help control

Meditation: It’s a Mad, Mad Mind

The image featured here is an amazing representation of what stream of consciousness really means. The mind is a truly amazing thing, making connections to memory from the incredible number of stimuli we experience. Sights, smells, touch, sounds, and tastes can send us through a whirlwind of thoughts – sometimes just pieces, or deeply meaningful … Read More

Illustration of construction equipment building the word Change

What Changes Can You Make?

The Goal is Change We don’t typically begin a retreat because we avoid change. The fact is, we need to embrace change as it relates to the Personal Retreat. One particular challenge is that we have to consider change, many times, even when we don’t feel it necessary. In my case, change was necessary. I’d … Read More

meditating woman while starting a personal retreat practicing mindfulness

Why Write a Personal Retreat?

Hello potential reader! My name is Wade Stewart and I wrote the Personal Retreat. I say ‘potential reader’ because I do hope you will take the opportunity for a deal on my new book. The biggest theme of my life has been in helping others. I was born and raised in a tight-knit family where looking … Read More

Second Personal Retreat

Retreat Day! I have to admit to you here that I was not looking forward to my retreat. You will notice in the book that I encourage you to get excited so you will commit to your date and your preparation to make it a great retreat. In my case, I knew that there were … Read More

meditating woman while starting a personal retreat practicing mindfulness

Starting a Personal Retreat

I am starting my personal retreat! It’s actually my second retreat. The last one was about a year ago, and I learned so much. Using some of the items from the last one is a great springboard for the one upcoming. In the book I wrote, I talk about preparation for your retreat. That preparation … Read More